Ans: Cryptocurrencies are digital assets and decentralized systems that allow for secure online payments.
Ans: RSFT, abbreviation to the ROYAL SMART FUTURE TOKEN, officially belongs to the ROYAL SMART FUTURE GROUP.
Ans: ROYAL SMART FUTURE TOKEN GROUP works in the domain of crypto trading, investing, agricultural innovation and visionsary projects as NFT's, RSFT Crypto Exchange etc.
Ans: Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) for the record-keeping of cryptocurrency transactions.
Ans: An ERC-20 token is a blockchain-based asset with similar functionality to Bitcoin It can hold value and be sent and received.
Ans: For customer support or user feedback, shoot us an email at
Ans: RSF token gives you a secure and speedy transactions in the ecosystem. You can Buy and sell RSF tokens here
Ans: airing USD and other currencies can help users use RSF TOKEN, trade, Buy and sell.
Ans: RSF Token Available Metamusk, Trustwallet and Uniswap.
Ans: You should read our whitepaper to know more about RSFT or visit
Ans: You should read the ROADMAP or visit
Ans: Yes, we are active on facebook, instagram, Youtube, Linkedin etc.

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