RSFT:A Multi Purpose Cryptocurrency

This cryptocurrency based on ERC20 protocol of ethereum blockchain will be majorly used in NFT, Agricultural innovations and hasstle free daily transactions across the globe.


Royal Smart Future Contracted with Etherscan you can see, by click here

RSF Coin is an innovative new blockchain Trading and Mining platform offers , safe & speedy transactions, a decentralized wallet & vault, forex trading services, blockchain technology, peerto-peer platforms to support the Trading and Mining in various assets.

Vision is to provide one stop solutions for mining,trading, safe and speedy transactions for user base. Value addition by investing in innovations and technology.

Future Projects is to create a crypto running financial system in day to day life through Crypto Exchanges and payment systems.

Why Use Royal Smart future

Royal Smart Future (RSF Token)

Fast Transaction

It is the best Way for ultra-fast international transactions. Like said earlier, it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, all transactions get completed within 15 seconds time only. This is why RSF TOKEN is fast becoming the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Secure and Stable

The list of those safety measures includes but is not limited to cryptography, no data saving on our servers, AVS, visual cryptograms and execution of measures to prevent search attacks to offer high-level of security and reliability.

Coin Exchange

Meaning, RSF TOKEN is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Its users do not have to worry about expensive transaction fee and chargeback. Its avilabel on uniswap also you can swap as other cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Apps

Paying with cryptocurrency is simple and convenient. Digital payments using smartphones instead of a credit card is awfully convenient.

International Trading

Cryptocurrencies are a borderless means of exchange allowing instant and cost-effective transactions worldwide.There is no waiting, no international fees and no limitations as to who can or cannot send funds to whom or when and where those funds can be accessed.

Free Consulting

The singular goal when it comes to your marketing in the early days is to get noticed. That's right. It's not for everyone and should be avoided by most consultants. RSF Group give a Free Consulation to our Community


  • Own Exchange for trading and Mining.
  • Future Projects on digital developments.
  • Hands on Farming and Innovational Projects.

  • Introduction to NFT's.
  • 100% crypto transactional project (chain of shopping malls).

We're Fulfilled

The ROYAL SMART FUTURE TOKEN is committed to secure your personal information and fund of the User base.

  • Projects on educating youth on digital assets and Currencies.
  • Availability of Forex trading with RSF token.
  • Safe and Speedy Transaction.

  • Secure RSF wallet.

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