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You Need To Know!
How It Work

Powered by Blockchain and smart contracts, RSF is developing a global safe & speedy platform for the world.

  • NFT : RSF is in the development Phase of the NFT exchange For MINT,BUY AND SELL NFT
  • It will be open to everyone who wants to buy or sell the NFT and will use RCF’s own RSF token for trading. The platform wil allow bidding on the specific pieces. NFTs will interoperable, can be transferred to a different blockchain later — like Ethereum.
  • Agriculture Innvations: RSF is focusing on Agricultural innvational projects as 70% indian population still earns their bread and butter on Farming. RCF is actively participated in fish farming, dog farming, Goat Farming.

RSF coin will be the Game Changer..
  • RSF Exchange: RSF is in development phase of the dream vision of RSF exchange, Where trading, transfer, mining of cryptos will be offered.
  • RSF Tokens will Offer Buy sell NFT's and hasstle free daily transactions across the globe in shopping malls, theatres, online purchase. Making Crypto as transactional asset.
  • Early Sale: RSF is Launching Early Sale for early investors as 100% additional tokens will be awarded on the first time purchase.
  • Monthly Rewards : RSF will be the first crypto to give Monthly Rewards based on the wallet age, Each quarter specific Monthly Rewards will be introduce to the existing early investors.

Upcoming RSFT Features

RSF is Launching Early New Projects for Every users as 100% surely developments for company futures

Fast Transaction

RSF will be tieup various exchanger in the future, and develop self RSF EXCHANGER

Secure and Stable

RSF give the security for the deposite investments and stable value will provide when user want

Coin Exchange

RSF connected crypto wallet like trust wallet and Metamusk also in future will be on Probit.

Mobile Apps

RSF launch RSF wallet android app in Jan 2023 for our users and community for easy

24/7 Trading

Upcoming projects like RSF excahnger its all time live for trading and investment in cryptocurrency

Free Consulting

Royal smart future having a Expert Advisor for building of RSF and community, friendly co-operate for all users 24/7

Why Choose Us

Future Projects is to create a crypto running financial system in day to day life through Crypto Exchanges and payment systems.


Own Exchange for trading and Mining.

Future Projects on digital developments.

Hands on Farming and Innovational Projects


Introduction to NFT's

100% crypto transactional project (chain of shopping malls)

Projects on educating youth on digital assets and Currencies


Availability of Forex trading with RSF token

Safe and Speedy Transaction

Secure RSF wallet

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RSFT, abbreviation to the ROYAL SMART FUTURE TOKEN, officially belongs to the ROYAL SMART FUTURE GROUP

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All the popular wallet in the world, which are using you can buy and sell or exchange the RSF TOKEN